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The earliest references so far authenticated for the Border Hoy Family date from 1483 when a Thomas Hoy was witness to a sasine at Earlston in the Scottish Borders associated with the Learmonth family.
A further reference has been found from 1538 to a Mr Thomas Hoy, Chaplain at Holyrood Palace in
Edinburgh, with well documented details of a John Hoye elder, and John Hoye younger, his son, being feuars of the lands of Melrose Abbey at Colmisliehill in the Scottish Borders in 1608.

The links from these references to the present generation of Scottish Border Hoy Family are being
researched by Mr William Boyles of the USA, and by Dr Charles Hoy in the Scottish Borders.  From the MELROSE RECORD OF BAPTISMS the direct links from the birth on 20 Apr 1746 to John Hoy, soldier, and Esther Martine in Melrose, of a son named John with witnesses John Hoy and George Martine, to William Hoy of Hume Mill is currently being investigated.  For other links from that William Hoy see:

Another link :http://www.croker-family.org.uk/
Which leads to a large site with related family histories.

Contact Dr Charles Hoy, by clicking here (Member of  Scottish Genealogical Society,
Northumberland & Durham Family History Society, and former committee member of the Scottish
Borders Family History Society) with any INFORMATION YOU MAY POSSESS ON THE SCOTTISH
ANCESTORS OF YOUR HOY FAMILY. Links to Hoy families in Ireland, England (particularly Essex),
Canada, the US and Australia very welcome.

Hoy family name appears as a witness to a sasine transfer in the Scottish Borders as 'John Hoy (Hoye or How) of Cumlyhill in the case of the venerable priests Robert Liddaill and Thomas Mersair, lord and Dean of Melross, and sir Andrew Dure, Abbot of Melross' by John and Ninian Brydin, Notarys Public, on 23 October 1534, in a publication of The Stair Society, Edinburgh and the Walter Mason Trust, Selkirk (1993):
Selkirk Protocol Books: 1511-1547 p. 120. C 238.

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